Crowd Control Systems For The Tourism Industry In Australia


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Crowd Control Systems Provide Control Barriers, Stanchions, Rope Designs, Security Barriers, Sign Holders & Tensile Barriers For Businesses & Organisations In The Tourism Industry In Australia.

If you are in the Australian Tourism Sector and need reliable crowd management and safety products then you need Crowd Control Systems. We are an Australian-based crowd control company operating in Queensland.

Crowd Control Systems can supply you with the safety equipment and pedestrian traffic products to ensure your Event, Tour, Show, Adventure, Travel Offering, Accommodation, or Destination Based Business runs safely and smoothly.

Crowd Control Systems have worked with some of the biggest brands across a range of industries including Westfield, ANZ, Woolworths, Porsche, Downer, RACV and more. We offer incredible customer service and speedy delivery throughout Australia.

 crowd control systems help Transportation. Community and economic development. Public health/social services. Education/higher education. Parks and recreation. Housing. Law enforcement and public safety.

Crowd Control Systems Work With Hotels, Motels, Accommodation Providers, Tour Operators, Event Providers, Destination Based Tourism Providers and Theme Parks.

If you are in the Tourism Sector you will know and understand the benefits of reliable crowd control systems. We make your job easier by supplying you with quality equipment. Crowd Control Systems offer Australian quality Control Barriers, Stanchions, Rope Designs, Security Barriers, Sign Holders & Tensile Barriers for Public Administrations.


Here are some of our most popular Crowd Control Systems products arranged by industry sectors.


Crowd Control Systems for Hotels, Motels and Accommodation Providers. 

Semi-Permanent Retractable Barrier

A wide range of businesses and organisations in the Tourism Industry love our semi permanent retractable barriers. This product is the perfect choice when you need to provide safety and security for an extended period of time.

Semi-Permanent Retractable Barrier Queue System 

Solid Construction = Durable Retractable Barriers

Crowd Control Systems new semi-permanent retractable barriers provide the tourism industry with the ideal solution that eliminates the possibility of unauthorized people moving or picking up the barrier. This eliminates the need for bases that restrict space or could possibly use as a weapon.

If you want a strong and durable safety solution to crowd management than this is the product for you.

Exclusive Base System

These units use our exclusive base that comes with three dynabolts that are fixed into the surface. The Retractable Barrier Post is then screwed into the base.

The head of the post can be moved 360 degrees so you have the full flexibility of our standard retractable barriers but with the security of a permanent post.

If you need to move them all you have to do is unbolt the dynabolts from the floor and you can relocate the semi permanent retractable barriers to a new location.


Tourism motel hotel crowd control barriers

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Crowd Control Systems for Tour Operators and Destination Based Tourism.

2m Velvet Ropes

Crowd Control Systems understand that Australian Tourism operators require creative queue and pedestrian traffic solutions

Crowd Control Systems have you covered.

Our stylish velvet ropes are a classy option for tourism providers who want to add some flare to their operations. These popular velvet ropes are an excellent choice for safety at any tourism based business location. 

Crowd Control Systems barrier ropes currently come in the standard colours of Red, Black and Blue, but other colours are available for special order. Our standard lengths for barrier ropes are two metres, but again, longer lengths are available by arrangement should you require it.



crowd control ropes, barriers, safety for tourism australia

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Crowd Control Systems for Tourist Parks and Them Parks In Australia


3M Recessed Wall Mounted Barriers

Crowd Control Systems understands the need to keep a safe workplace. Whether you need to secure a temporary area, clean up a spill or direct foot traffic. Our wall mounted retractable barriers allow you to combine safety with style.

Crowd Control Systems have Australian Tourism Providers covered.

Crowd Control Systems Recessed Wall Mounted Belt Barrier units are designed to be set in a wall cavity providing a discrete method of restricting access.

 A receiver clip for attaching the belt end to the opposite wall is supplied with this product.


Safety products and crowd control tourism industry retractable barrier

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