Public Administration & Crowd Control Systems


crowd control systems help public administration, government, law enforcement, with crowd control products

Crowd Control Systems Provide Control Barriers, Stanchions, Rope Designs, Security Barriers, Sign Holders & Tensile Barriers for Public Administrations.

If you are in public administration and need reliable crowd management and safety products then you need Crowd Control Systems. We are an Australian-based crowd control company operating in Queensland.

Crowd Control Systems have worked with some of the biggest brands across a range of industries including Westfield, ANZ, Woolworths, Porsche, Downer, RACV and more. We offer incredible customer service and speedy delivery throughout Australia.

 crowd control systems help Transportation. Community and economic development. Public health/social services. Education/higher education. Parks and recreation. Housing. Law enforcement and public safety.

Crowd Control Systems Work With Transportation, Community and Economic Development, Public Health/Social Services, Education/Higher Education, Parks and Recreation, Housing, Law Enforcement & Public Safety.

If you are in public administration you will know and understand the benefits of reliable crowd control systems. We make your job easier by supplying you with quality equipment. Crowd Control Systems offer Australian quality Control Barriers, Stanchions, Rope Designs, Security Barriers, Sign Holders & Tensile Barriers for Public Administrations.


Here are some of our most popular Crowd Control Systems products arranged by industry sectors.


Crowd Control Systems for Transportation

3M Retractable Barriers 

The transportation industry love our retractable safety barriers. When you are dealing with high volume pedestrian traffic and need to uphold your obligation to safety our retractable safety barriers provide a sturdy and stylish option.

3m retractable barriers for transportation and safety in australia

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Crowd Control Systems for Community & Economic Development Projects

Printed Barrier Belt

Crowd Control Systems understand that community and economic projects need strong brand awareness.

We have you covered.

Our printed barrier belts allow you to add your logo and branding so your crowd control needs double as advertising. Crowd Control Systems printed barrier belts are used by some of the biggest names in Australian business.

Allow Crowd Control Systems to make your community organisation stand out.


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Crowd Control Systems for Health Services in Australia

Safety Retractable Barrier

Crowd Control Systems understands the need to keep a safe work place. Whether you need to secure a temporary area, clean up a spill or direct foot traffic.

We have you covered.

As our barriers are painted using yellow powder-coating, they will remain eye catching and highly visible in most environments and conditions. While they’re designed for indoor use, they can also be used outdoors, provided the weather conditions aren’t extreme.

Our red and white striped safety tensile barriers are perfect for various conditions. It has many of our standard features, such as a weighting to keep it from shifting easily, a rubber base to keep it from damaging flooring, and powder coating to keep its colour vibrant for years to come.

The red and white or Yellow and Black horizontal pattern can be used to prevent entry to any unauthorised area, and it is a popular choice when keeping the public from accessing an area where equipment is being stored.


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Crowd Control Systems for Education and School Settings In Australia

Premium Braided Ropes

Crowd Control Systems premium braided ropes are popular for high school, primary school, TAFE or University settings. Our premium braided ropes allow safe and easy utility and storage.

Crowd Control Systems offer a range of Barrier Ropes for your business, event, function or security needs. We offer a 7 year guarantee on all our crowd control products. We are 100 % Australian owned and operated. 



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