Crowd Control Systems Guarantee

At Crowd Control Systems, we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our artistry. That is why every Crowd Control Systems product, from barrier posts and ropes to retractable bollards, comes with a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty. Notwithstanding our confidence in the quality, effectiveness and durability of our products, this warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions.


1) Crowd Control Solutions warrants that the Goods will be free from defects for seven years from first delivery. Crowd Control Solutions may repair or replace the Goods only on condition that Crowd Control Solutions has inspected the Goods and thereupon found that the reported defects were present upon delivery. Where defective Goods are then either repaired or replaced, the warranty period (7 years) won’t change, but be based on the original date of delivery.


2) This warranty does not include losses, damages or expenses that arise due to the use or installation of Goods purchased from Crowd Control Systems. Specifically, Crowd Control Systems will, under no circumstances, be held liable for any defect or damage caused by or arising through:


  • improper or failed maintenance of the Goods on the part of the Customer;
  • improper use or assemblage of the Goods concerning the guidelines or instructions provided by Crowd Control Systems;
  • any use of the Goods other than that which was specified on an order form or quote;
  • failure to stop using defective Goods when the defect would be noticed by a reasonable user or operator;
  • reasonable wear and tear;
  • any incident or event that no reasonable person could have foreseen;
  • any alteration for which the Goods was not designed and is not specified in the guidelines or instructions as being safe and appropriate.


3) Concerning Goods found to have contained defects upon delivery, Crowd Control Systems’ liability is limited, as far as permissible by Australian law, to:


  • replacement or repair of Goods, or the supply of equivalent Goods;
  • payment of the costs associated with the replacement or repair of Goods, or of acquiring equivalent goods;


4) This warranty does not extend to products that have been purchased from the Customer.