Crowd Control Systems For Government Sectors and Education Providers In Australia


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Crowd Control Systems Provide Control Barriers, Stanchions, Rope Designs, Security Barriers, Sign Holders & Tensile Barriers For Government Sectors & Educational Providers In Australia.

If you are an Australian Government Agency or Education Provider and need reliable crowd management and safety products then you need Crowd Control Systems. We are an Australian-based crowd control company operating in Queensland.

Crowd Control Systems can supply you with the safety equipment and pedestrian traffic products to ensure you create a safe workspace and Public area. Stay up to date with WHS work health safety requirements and purchase Quality Australian Crowd Control Products.

Crowd Control Systems have worked with some of the biggest brands across a range of industries including Westfield, ANZ, Woolworths, Porsche, Downer, RACV and more. We offer incredible customer service and speedy delivery throughout Australia.

 crowd control systems help Transportation. Community and economic development. Public health/social services. Education/higher education. Parks and recreation. Housing. Law enforcement and public safety.

Crowd Control Systems Work With Local Government, State Government, Federal Government, Transport, Health, Infrastructure, Defense, and Education Providers Including Public Schools, High Schools, TAFE & University.

If you are in the Government or Education Sector you will know and understand the benefits of reliable crowd control systems. We make your job easier by supplying you with quality equipment. Crowd Control Systems offer Australian quality Control Barriers, Stanchions, Rope Designs, Security Barriers, Sign Holders & Tensile Barriers for Public Administrations.


Here are some of our most popular Crowd Control Systems products arranged by industry sectors.


Crowd Control Systems for Local Government, State Government, & Federal Government Sectors

For a government entity, safety needs to be the number one priority. Crowd Control Systems Australia can assist you with products and expert advice to prepare for the general well-being of the crowds they gather.

Effective crowd control can ensure the safety of large groups of people. Meet your obligations for safety with our barriers, stanchions, rope barriers and more. Unless a crowd forms organically, fright or excitement can work its way through the crowd and could legally remove responsibility from those in it. Crowd Control Systems give you the best tools to safely direct people where to go.

Government teams and government-owned or managed places need excellent crowd control due to the fact that there may be a variety of reasons for attracting a crowd. You may need to ensure the safety of crowds gathering due to elections, events, rallies, press conferences, and pedestrian traffic. Local governments also need to preserve safe gathering spaces when there are scheduled or unscheduled events. Having a diverse inventory of crowd control products will ensure you are always meet your obligations to the public and relevant stakeholders.

 Crowd Control Systems for Local Government, State Government, & Federal Government Sectors

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Crowd Control Systems for Transport, Health, Infrastructure, & Defence Sectors Of The Australian Government.

As a Public Service Agency, it is very important to protect your staff and consumers. Crowd Control Systems have a range of Control Barriers, Stanchions, Rope Designs, Security Barriers, Sign Holders & Tensile Barriers to ensure you maintain a safe environment.

Crowd Control Systems within Transport, Health, Infrastructure, & Defence Sectors of the Australian Government serve several purposes:


They help influence the behaviour of crowds, and reasonably prevent members of the public from climbing on top of temporary structures and putting themselves at risk. Crowd control products minimise and aid to avoid overcrowding and the build-up of crowd pressure. Barriers, stanchions, ropes and signs, provide physical security.


How do you choose the right barriers for health, transport, infrastructure, or defence setting responsible for liaising with the public?


The factors you should take into account include:

the proposed use of barriers

The floorplan or layout of your respective area

ground conditions and topography

weather conditions and permanent or temporary fixings

load on the barrier – wind and/or crowd pressure

visitor numbers and behaviour


Installing barriers in the work place.


Installing Crowd Control Systems barriers like rope and posts are incredibly straightforward. All levels of staff can be trained to safely and effectively help erect our products to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

 Crowd Control Systems for Transport, Health, Infrastructure, & Defence Sectors Of The Australian Government.

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Crowd Control Systems for Education Providers Including Public Schools, High Schools, TAFE, College and University

As an Australian Education Provider, your job is to nurture and grow the future of our great country. Crowd Control Systems would love to help you meet your WHS and safety obligations in style.

You have the option to include your branding on our range of retractable barriers.  

Crowd Control Systems work with Australian schools, TAFE, Colleges and Universities to provide cost-effective crowd control solutions so you can safely meet your obligations to the public, staff and students. 

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