Crowd Control Systems for Entertainment & Media


Entertainment and Media safety and crowd control solutions barriers, signs, ropes

Crowd Control Systems Provide Control Barriers, Stanchions, Rope Designs, Security Barriers, Sign Holders & Tensile Barriers For Businesses & Organisations In the Entertainment and Media Industry.

If you are in the Entertainment and Media Sector and need reliable crowd management and safety products then you need Crowd Control Systems. We are an Australian-based crowd control company operating in Queensland.

Crowd Control Systems can supply Entertainment providers with the safety equipment and pedestrian traffic products to ensure your next concert, performance, show, gig, display, production or showcase goes ahead without any dramas.

Media Personnel require a safe workspace and can benefit from Crowd Control Systems range of barriers, ropes, signs, stanchions, and safety products. Our stylish designs can incorporate your branding and logos.

Crowd Control Systems have worked with some of the biggest brands across a range of industries including Westfield, ANZ, Woolworths, Porsche, Downer, RACV and more. We offer incredible customer service and speedy delivery throughout Australia.

 crowd control systems help Transportation. Community and economic development. Public health/social services. Education/higher education. Parks and recreation. Housing. Law enforcement and public safety.

Crowd Control Systems Work With Film Crew, Production Crew, Audio Technicians, Photographers, Journalists, Event Managers, Wedding Planners, Public Services and Media Personnel.

If you are in the Entertainment and Media Space you will know and understand the benefits of reliable crowd control systems. We make your job easier by supplying you with quality and stylish equipment. Crowd Control Systems offer Australian quality Control Barriers, Stanchions, Rope Designs, Security Barriers, Sign Holders & Tensile Barriers for Public Administrations.


Here are some of our most popular Crowd Control Systems products arranged by industry sectors.


Crowd Control Systems for Film Crew, Production Crew, and Audio Technicians.

5M Wall Mounted Barriers

The Entertainment & Media industry uses our sturdy 5m wall mounted retractable barriers to provide safety and security for staff and the general public.

The Q Director Wall Mounted Retractable Belt is the best crowd management solution for the film and production industry and is available in PVC with 10 Metre belt length options.

Your webbing retract belt comes in three standard colours: Black, Red, or yellow with black striped.

 Also, you can have your own logo or message printed on the webbing belt.


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Crowd Control Systems for Photographers, Journalists, & Media Personnel.

Double Belted Retractable Barrier

Crowd Control Systems understand that media personnel, photographers and journalists require creative crowd control and pedestrian traffic solutions

Crowd Control Systems have your next media event covered.

Need a hi-vis queue system? Get double retractable barriers.

Crowd Control Systems new double retractable barrier range is the ideal queue system solution, providing a significant visual barrier.

The Q Director Double Barrier comprises of 2 slowly retractable belts mounted in each post and creates a strong visual barrier. Every barrier incorporates two-metre retractable webbing belts that easily connect with the adjoining post.

Highly Visible Retractable Safety Barrier: These queue system stands, make great barriers as they have four ways of connectivity like our other retractable barriers. You can go around corners or make any area secure and well-managed according to your needs. This crowd control barrier system equipped with 2 belts simply means that you will no longer have to worry about children slipping under the belts.

Customized Message on Webbing Belts: You also can have a message or logo printed on both sides or only one side of the webbing belts for a small extra fee.



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Crowd Control Systems for Event Managers and Wedding Planners.


Sign Holder Aluminium Retractable Barrier

Crowd Control Systems understands the importance of operating a safe workplace and complying with WHS requirements.

Whether you need to secure a temporary area, clean up a spill or direct foot traffic. Our Sign Holders allow you to add a safety message to any barrier post. 

Highly Visible Retractable Bollard Sign Holders

Retractable bollards have long been relied on for control systems applications where a strong visual element is required, and there are many advantages to using it this way. They have a design that allows them to seamlessly transition from offering medium-term security (preventing or allowing access) to providing hazard-free surfaces when drawn back. Also, they come with a useful range of accessories such as retractable bollard sign holders, which can help communicate a message, convey instructions or display promoted printed materials professionally. Sign holders like this are ideal for use at check-outs in retail spaces, event and entertainment venues, museums and dining establishments 


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