FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we have our logo and company name on the (tensa-style) retractable barrier webbing belt?

Yes. We can personalise your retractable belt webbing with any message you require if you provide electronically submitted artwork.



Can we purchase the bollard ropes separately?




We don’t have a lot of storage space and we don’t always need the units in place?

The best solution is either our stackable or wheeled barriers. The stackable stanchions neatly stack on top of each other and the wheeled units can be easily rolled out into position in a hurry.



Do you have any barrier systems that can be used outside?

We have the Aluminium retractable barriers or our range of outdoor barriers including the stainless steel look one that can be used both inside and outside.



What is your guarantee on your retractable barrier system?

All of our crowd control equipment come with a 7 year warranty on any manufacturing faults.



What do we do if we don’t have room for Retractable Barrier units because of walls or hallways?

You can choose our wall mounted unit which can connect to our standard units.



What if the tape or core becomes damaged?

We can provide replacement cores with new webbing in your colour of choice.



What is four-way connectivity?

This feature allows the Retractable Barrier posts to receive up to 3 other tapes from any direction.



Are the sign holders universal with every barrier post?

No, each sign holder is named specifically to explain exactly what type of barrier post it will connect to.